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 Jon Huggett   2018-03-07 16:53:30 

Shawn Weeden's art always lifts my heart.  One of his paintings has graced my living room for over a decade.  And his later work is always worth serious reflection.  He is an under-rated artist.  I would not be surprised if one day my original of his work will be worth more than home.  
 Paolo   2014-05-20 20:16:03 

Shawn took great pictures of our wedding and the are excellent!! He was always in the middle of the action but without interfering with it.
Eliano and I had a great time going through all the beautiful pictures that Shawn took and re-live the fun and emotional moments.

I can recommend Shown to take pics of any weddings.

Thank you so much Shown.
 Gwen Schlatter   2014-03-20 20:50:04 

I just went on a tour of the new Kaiser in San Leandro and saw your work there.  It was amazing.  I loved it and ran home to check for you on the web.  Out of my current price range but really powerful and evocative.  So happy that I will get to see it daily at the new hospital.
 TheArthur Wright   2014-03-06 14:28:36 

You are doing great, buddy.  Checking your website and your work is highly impressive and I am loving what I am seeing.  Much success to you my friend.  Put me on your list.
 Dakota McKenzie   2013-12-01 09:32:22 

Hey Shawn!

Dakota here. I finally am connecting with your email ;)
Hope you had a good weekend. Love your art here.
Please put me on your list and stay in touch.

 Jonathan   2011-10-23 11:40:21 

Hi Shawn, I love your website.  You are amazing my brother.  Your works are amazing.
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